We select vessels for our candles that are not just appealing to burn, but also can be useful after the candle is burned out and reducing waste. We call this AFTERBURN.

Often made of premium glass or ceramic, the majority of our candles are intended for AFTERBURN. When your candle is finished burning, simply pop the vessel in the freezer overnight...then run it under hot water to release the remaining wax. After removing the wax and wick tab (if still attached), clean the vessel throughly with hot, soapy water. Voila! You've got yourself a jar to use for another purpose.Office: Pen/Pencil Holder

  • Bath: Q-tip or Cotton Swab Holder
  • Vanity: Makeup or Jewelry Holder
  • Children: Change or Crayon Holder
  • Living Room: Planter
  • Dining Room: Votive Holder
  • Entry/Mudroom: Key Holder
  • Sewing Area: Button Jar
  • Pantry: Rice or Dried Bean Storage