When only ¼" of wax remains in your candle, it's time to prepare the whiskey glass for everyday beverage use.

  1. Place the candle in the freezer overnight (or at least 6 hours). The wax will shrink and pull away from the edge of the glass.
  2. Carefully use a fork to grab ahold of the small block of wax in the bottom of the glass and pull it gently up and out. If you need additional assistance in loosening the wax block, run the glass under hot tap water.
  3. If the wick tab remains in the glass after removing the wax block, use that same fork to grip under the tab and gently lift to release it from the adhesive on the bottom of the glass.
  4. Now that the glass is empty, wash it thoroughly with hot soapy water to remove any remaining wax and adhesive residue from the glass.
  5. Voila! Pour a cocktail and enjoy!

NOTE: The whiskey glass is dishwasher safe. Please drink responsibly.