$1,930 Raised by Frenchie Friends

Our entire brand is inspired by our obsession for our French Bulldogs, Diesel and LuLu. After conducting several successful fundraising campaigns with French Bulldog rescue organizations throughout the spring and summer, we decided it was time to kick it up a level and create an extra special candle collection and kick off our biggest fundraiser, yet.

The Frenchie Friends candle collection was established with an inaugural class of Frenchie friends. Each candle label was personalized with each friend's colorful illustration and personalized story and sales of each candle would directly impact that friend's selected animal rescue organization.

Collectively, over 250 of these limited edition candles were sold during this 14-day fundraising campaign...generating $1,930 in proceeds distributed to these organizations. 

Throughout the campaign, customers won daily giveaways from our friends at Frenchie Coffee, Barrel Dogs, BeanBean, Fluff Trough, Ivy The Very Determined Dog, New England Dog Biscuit, and some fun French Press apparel items as well. Customers also received exclusive buyer bonus offers (up to 20% off at select partners) from these retailers as well as Frenchiestore, Beast & Buckle, PupSaver, Bully Bundles, theCLBhouse, and FrenchiEssentials.

We cannot thank our customers, our featured Frenchie Friends, their rescue organizations, and our retail partners enough for their extraordinary support during this campaign. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

We are currently working on identifying a new class of Frenchie Friends for our Winter 2021 collection and fundraiser. More details to come...

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We give no less than 10% of proceeds to animal rescue organizations to fuel the amazing work they do.