Lila Lunaskye - Loving Tribute Candle


Last summer, we were introduced to a spunky little bulldog named Lila Lunaskye. Born with Spina Bifida at only three-weeks old, our friends at Road Dogs & Rescue took her in. After defying expectations and limitations, she put smiles on faces and inspired others with her determination.

We were lovestruck by Lila’s story and featured her in our Road Dogs 2021 candle collection. Her and her fellow champions of rescue helped raise over $6,500 to fuel the amazing work of Road Dogs & Rescue.

On August 4th, we said goodbye to Lila. A true inspiration and bright, shining example of why every pup deserves a fighting chance at a joyful and loving life. Her body had simply decided it was time.

As a tribute to honor Lila, we're re-releasing a batch of her 2021 Road Dogs candles. 100% of proceeds from this limited release will fuel the Lila Lunaskye No Limits Fund at Road Dogs & Rescue.



Citrus and coriander accented with a touch of jasmine, lavender, vanilla, and rose. All balanced with subtle woodsy undertones to deliver a comfortable and fresh scent that will leave you wanting more.

Pre-orders will ship beginning 8/25.



Road Dogs & Rescue rescues bulldog breeds, with our primary focus being complicated medical dogs, seniors, and special needs puppies. They are the most likely to be euthanized. They are often dumped at shelters or abandoned at veterinary clinics. We all need a Road Dog in our lives. Explore their mission and help fuel their efforts by purchasing Lila's candle today.



Before spraying directly on new cloth/fabric items, you should first test the spray on an inconspicuous part of the textile. Our sprays are a non-toxic, water based solution and fragrance - therefore, we do not recommend spraying them directly on leather goods.

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